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With the official Titanpoker Bonus Code FTRIVER, all new players receive a 200% initial deposit bonus up to $2,000 (or equivalent currency), plus private entry into a monthly $400 money-added exclusive tournament!

This official Titanpker bonus code is guaranteed to work and delivers exclusive perks! Use the Titanpoker Bonus Code “FTRIVER” and you will have access to our exclusive initial deposit bonus of 200% matching up to $2,000. In other words, if you are new to Titan Poker, and deposit $1000, we will give you a 200% bonus, which equates to $2,000 in bonus dollars!

The standard Titan Poker bonus only offers you a bonus up to $500!

In addition to our improved initial deposit bonus, you will have access to our partner’s FTR400 – which is a $400 money added private tournament, held regularly every month. The beauty of this money-added tournament is that the buy-in is only $2! With only a $2 buy-in, this tournament offers a HUGE potential return to all who participate.

The monthly event runs on the 30th of every month! And no matter how few or many players register to play, there will always be $400 added to the overall prize pool. If there are only 2 people who register to play in one month, well that prize pool would be $404 instead of the standard $4! That prize pool just increased 100 times! So, congratulations, use our Titanpoker Bonus Code of “FTRIVER“, and you have access to this $400 of free prize money, every single month!

When registering a new account with Titanpoker, use Bonus Code “FTRIVER” as shown below:

Titanpoker Bonus Code FTRIVER

titanpoker bonus code

So, let’s get into some of the details of this Titan Poker bonus.

You have the ability to earn a maximum of a $2000 bonus. However, to convert that bonus into cash that you can withdraw, you must accumulate Titanpoker Points. To earn Titanpoker Points, you must play real money games and the points are awarded based on raked pots, from .2 up to 10 per hand. You may also earn Titanpoker Points by playing tournaments, in which case you earn 17 points for every $1 spent on tournament fees. Once you accumulate 250 points, you will receive $5 of your bonus!

The bonus is paid out in $5 increments, so you can earn as much or as little as you’d like. And you have up to $2000 you can earn!

The $2000 initial deposit bonus most likely should be cleared at the $50 No Limit or higher tables because of the way the points are distributed. For example, $.24 rake and less is only .2 points, but $.25 – $.50 rake is rounded up to 1 Titan Poker Point per hand. If you’re familiar with grinding for bonus dollars, this shouldn’t be too bad of a bonus to earn. Especially if you prefer to play tournaments, as the player point system awards tournament play.

Only the Titanpoker coupon code of FTRIVER can get you access to the FTR400!

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